Are you an attorney looking to lower your costs, or improve turnaround time for personal injury matters? Or are you an injured party looking to speed up your case and improve your odds of winning? It’s important to consider alternative but effective services to make it happen.

Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) are trained to have expertise that does not reside within the law firm. Specifically, the ability to review medical records available under HIPAA guidelines and not rely on retired or other physicians to review those records, and add their commentary.

The LNC instead works directly with the law firm to provide guidance on how both the injuries and treatment were examined and to look for any errors that may have been committed, either by omission or commission, by the healthcare provider.

What is an LNC? Simply put, a legal nurse consultant has specialized education and real-world training on medical issues, and how they apply in a legal matter. They often have both legal and nursing degrees, and can assess the virtues of the case, and provide a trial ready summary of their findings on behalf of the law firm. In addition, most LNCs can provide expert witness testimony, either personally, or through their network of colleagues who can offer this service to the law firm.

Legal Nurse Consultants can interview witnesses under the direction of an attorney to help expose the truth in cases. Legal Nurse Consultants provide reports and other presentations to their client to help determine how to further find the truth in the case at hand.

Cost savings and Time savings Cost savings are recognized when using LNCs since an experienced nurse is most familiar with patient charting.  Nurses are responsible for the maintenance of medical records in the medical field. Because of this training and experience LNCs can provide an in-depth and thorough analysis of a medically related case.

Time savings are also acknowledged by utilizing the LNC to compile the information they have reviewed, and provide the attorney (and their client) with the latest in both technology and medical procedures to assist the client in creating a medical care plan that is quickly implemented to improve the patient’s recovery, and get them back on their feet to resume their normal life.

Health Insurance Considerations Treating the patients’ medical condition and recognizing out of pocket costs due to rapidly changes in medical coverage insurance can be difficult. As potential new legislation changes to the current plans available may have a significant impact on patient costs, the LNC can address the ongoing care, especially if the treatment is expected to go on for several years.

Summary The LNC provides a logical bridge of value to both the attorney and their client. While a relatively new field, it’s only through education of the services provided by an LNC that change will occur. That education is available by trying those service the LNC provides, and determine if that alignment will help the attorney and their clients prevail both short term and long term.

To learn more about the Legal Nurse Consultant, please contact Shaun Sever by visiting the SP Legal Nurse Consulting site at: https://www.splegalnurse.com/contact-us/ Shaun is an accredited Legal Nurse Consultant and her education includes a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and an Associate Degree in Nursing.

Shaun is highly skilled with over eighteen years of nursing experience including IV Infusion, Medical Surgical, Emergency Department, and Charge Nurse.