Medical Records are like a puzzle, while some find it tedious work to dig into the multitude of pages that one medical record contains, we must remember that behind every record is a person’s story. Legal Nurse’s find this to be an exciting challenge to put the pieces together and tell story. We at SPLNC help with the interpretation and analysis of the information, produce timelines, and provide detailed reports to assist those involved in the case.

This poem written below is like a medical record, the writer excluded a letter from the entire poem, thus, as a legal nurse it is of most importance to pay attention to detail and the little things when completing a case review. After you have read the poem, send an email with how this poem is like a medical record and which letter had been excluded.

I look forward to everyone’s answers, all responses welcome.

Morning Lights

Skin, soft just like moonlight kisses,
thoughts of love she dismisses.
Eyes filled to the brim with honey,
curls golden, quite sunny.
Perfect ringlets,
flowing springlets.
Milk coffee lights,
dim lonely nights.
Lips sketched,
seeming etched.
Plump & smooth.
gentle; they could soothe.
Round chestnut eyes,
bright like the morning sunrise.
Golden in the sunlight,
emotion filled; twilight.
Polished olive skin,
unique dimpled grin.
Petite button nose,
cheeks blush; pink rose.
Oculus’ browse,
below sculpted eyebrows.
High cheekbones,
cool undertones.
Smells of plump cherries,
& juniper berries.
Smells of honeydew,
fresh & new.
Wings of white,
growing height.
Simple dove,
symbol of love.
Blooming flowers,
wind filled hours.
Tones of yellow,
morning espresso.
Forenoon tunes,
juice with prunes.
Bright blue sky,
blueberry pie.
Pumpernickel grub,
bog bilberry shrubs.
Sweet pumpkins,
exquisite dumplins.
Brunch is cherished,
never finished.
Loves to nibble,
while completing her scribbles.
Writing is her expertise,
scripting stories of Belize.
Forever desirous,
pretty like the iris.
She’s your flower,
full of power.
Yet intelligent & soft,
her thoughts, oft.
BY: Anja Leigh Sever

What a calm feeling to have when a nurse is on your case!