A legal nurse consultant is a skilled professional in the nursing industry and has qualifications to provide advise as a consultant on medical cases. An experienced legal nurse consultant can provide tremendous support for your personal injury case. They are able to bring attorneys’ attention to important details in the medical records or course of treatment that many attorneys may miss. This makes it easier for the attorneys to not miss any important aspects of the case and helps prove liability in court.
Here are 5 reasons you should hire a legal nurse consultant for your case:

Medical records are often voluminous and requires a general understanding of medical jargon to understand what the medical professional is notating. If the attorney is attempting to review the records on his or her own, it generally will take an extended amount of time because the attorney will need to research certain terms in the records to understand exactly what is being read. A legal nurse consultant will be able to review the records in a more efficient manner because he or she will not require additional research to understand the terminology and treatment recommendations.

A legal nurse consultant is familiar with medical records because of the experienced gained by preparing medical records throughout his or her career. The legal nurse consultant will review to ensure all important details are documented in the records and will also be able to advise if there is anything important missing from the records which could have caused additional injuries.

While reviewing the records, a legal nurse consultant will often prepare a summary of the medical treatment. This provides significant trial support to the attorney on the case and allows the attorney to pinpoint certain parts of the record without having to spend hours searching. The summary not only provides a picture of the entire medical treatment rendered, but also can demonstrate what went wrong during the treatment.

At trial, the attorney needs to prove what was the legal cause of the injury. This is often referred to as “proximate cause.” This simply means that the injuries sustained by the individual were foreseeable based on the medical treatment received. This is often one of the most difficult elements to prove in court. A legal nurse consultant will be able to pinpoint factors which caused, or aided in causing, the injuries sustained. The legal nurse consultant will provide an analysis as to why these actions by the medical professionals led to the result. By having a legal nurse consultant, the attorney will be fully prepared to prove what caused the injuries to the jury.

The standard of care in medical legal cases is defined as the reasonable care a skilled medical professional should provide under the circumstances. This helps establish the medical professional’s duty to the patient and provides insight as to whether the medical professional breached the duty to provide a certain standard of care. Generally, legal nurse consultants have an extensive hands-on background working in the medical field and are familiar with the standard of care which should be provided to the patient. During the review of the medical records, the legal nurse consultant will provide insight as to what the medical professional should have done under the circumstances based on legal nurse consultant’s experience and education. This provides the attorney support in depositions and at trial by explaining what the reasonable standard of care was under the circumstances and how the medical professional failed to act reasonably.

The last element an attorney needs to argue is the amount of damages sustained by the injured person. This can always be tricky if the attorney does not have adequate knowledge as to the severity of the injuries and future medical treatment required for the remainder of the injured person’s life. A legal nurse consultant will review all the facts of the treatment and will be able to advise the typical outcome based on those facts.

Additionally, the legal nurse consultant will be able to look out for any pre-existing conditions which could have affected the medical treatment. This will cause an impact on the damages and allow a defense to the amount of damages sustained. By receiving an evaluation of the damages sustained, the attorney will save significant time and money on evaluating whether this case should proceed through the litigation process.

The most important reason to hire a legal nurse consultant to assist with a medical case is because they can add tremendous value to the case. This value is often added in indirect ways such as providing the attorney with more time to create successful legal strategies for the case because the attorney does not have to stress over every detail in the medical records. The legal nurse consultant will point out what is important for the attorney to understand.

Testimony from expert doctors can often make or break a medical case. A legal nurse consultant can also provide recommendations for expert medical doctors who will be able to help support the facts of the case. Throughout a nurse’s career, he or she will be introduced to many expert medical doctors in specific fields. Often, a nurse works closely with these doctors and will know whether these experts will be able to provide credible testimony.

Legal nurse consultants provide a cost-effective and efficient tool to utilize in your medical case. SPLNC & Associates has a team of legal nurses, with a vast knowledge of understanding medical issues and trends. The legal nurse consultants at SPLNC & Associates work in collaboration with the lawyer to get the cases across the finish line. As a legal nurse we take pride in our work product.
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